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Create your own personal wealth by becoming involved in this fast-paced network marketing company! Take a look at not only Body Wrap Distributor USA location, but also the eligible countries for distribution and sales! Here is where you create your own successful team!

Distribution Countries

Cash Sales

Body Wraps are in high demand! It is very common to sell these wraps as singles for $25 MSRP!

Loyal Customer Sales

Earn residual income by building loyal customers that buy your products at up to 40% discounts as you become an Itworks distributor

Retail Sales

Earn top dollar retail sales for those not wanting to commit for the Loyal Customer Discount!

Distributor Sales

Build a successful team under you for your true definition of residual income when you become a body wrap distributor!

Fast Start Bonus

Fast start bonus is earned when a body wrap distributor USA you personally enroll signs up 2 loyal customers within their first 30 days. When this happens, you as the enrolling distributor get a bonus of $100.


To become an ItWorks distributor you sell body contouring products, supplements and body & skin care products that are formulated by leading scientists, herbalists and researchers using the best natural ingredients, cutting-edge science and strict quality standards to provide effective products that safely nourish your body and enhance your life. The flagship product is the It Works Body Wrap you apply to a specific body area then the magic takes over and you tone, tighten and firm skin. You will see results in as little as 45 minutes! What else do you know can do that!?


The start up cost to become a body wrap distributor is only $99 for your very own skinny wrap distribution kit that comes with four wraps that retail at $99 by them selves! Feel free to resell the body wraps at $25 to recoup your initial investment or use these wraps for wraps parties that you book as you create your own personal wealth!
You will want to take advantage of having your esuite/website to become body wrap distributor, because you will get credit to your account for any products or body wrap sales through your store.


  • You receive a $100 cash bonus for each qualified distributor that you personally enroll.
  • You get Applicator Rewards for every 2 loyal customers that sign up. So you can buy a box of wraps for $25 instead of $59!
  • You put in as little or as much time/effort as you want! You can stop working at any time with no questions asked or fees as a body wrap distributor USA.

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