Loyal Customer vs Retail Customer

Become a Loyal Customer:

A Loyal Customer is someone who agrees to buy one product each month for 3 months (so it’s just 2 orders after your enrollment order). Your $50 enrollment fee is waived after the 3 months!

Loyal Customers get wholesale pricing FOREVER from the start of their commitment. This saves customers about 45%!!

In addition to this Loyal Customers also receive PERK POINTS! Points are earned by what you spend. You get 10% back in points! So if you spend $100 you get 10 points to spend! These points accumulate until after your 4th auto ship (monthly order). You redeem the points for FREE products of your choice, or credit towards something you may not of wanted to spend a lot on!!

Become a Body Wrap Distributor:

Being a Distributor also has great benefits!!

When you buy your $99 Business Builder Kit you get 4 wraps with it to get your business started off on the right foot! You can either use the wraps and be a product of the product and begin sharing awesome results, OR you can sell the 4 wraps for $25/$30 each and make the money back that you paid for the business builder kit! The second option makes joining my team risk free!! The Kit also includes an online back office, business supplies, and a free month of your personal website (usually $20).

Once you become a distributor you start getting awesome benefits! After registering you can begin to sign loyal customers! Once you have added 4 people who want what I described above, you get $120 in FREE product to further boost your business!! This means you can get 2 more boxes of wraps FREE!!! You sell these wraps for pure profit, or you can use some on yourself.

In addition to getting 2 boxes of wraps free, it gets even better!!! EVERYTIME you add 2 loyal customers you get a “Wrap Reward” which allows you to buy a box of wraps for $25!! You still get 4 wraps but at the price that you would sell one wrap for! So 3 of those will be more PURE PROFIT when you sell them!! This reward doubles up with the first! You get the $120 in free product PLUS 2 boxes of wraps for $25 each!!

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